As a full-service real estate investment company, Veracity Investments, LLC offers a wide range of services; from finding the right property for you to getting you financed.


How does our Home Ownership Program Endeavor (H.O.P.E) program work?

We will find you a home, pay for it, repair it, move you in, prepare you for financing (Credit Repair) while you’re living in the home, and get you financed!


Outline of the H.O.P.E.

Locate Home: Veracity Investments, LLC (VI) will find the home of your liking, in the neighborhood of your choice that fits within your budget and purchase the property. 

  • Repairs: VI will make all necessary repairs and maintenances needed to the house. We will allow you the option to pick out the carpet colors if applicable. We will also make sure that all appliances are in operational condition.  
  • Moving In: After all repairs and maintenances are completed, you will be able to take possession of the property. You will be renting the property from VI while your credit is under repair and or financing is being acquired. 
  • Financing: VI credit repair specialist will be working with your credit to better position yourself for the best financing available. Once financing is obtained, you agree to purchase the home from VI at market value from the original time of purchase. Example; if we purchased a home for you and the ARV (after repair value) is $100,000 then your purchase price will be $100,000 no matter how long it takes us to obtain financing, even if the value of the property increase.
  • Cost: $2,000.00 gets you into the program of which $500.00 will be used towards your purchase and the rest towards: inspections, appraisals, credit repair, etc...; if there is more than one person applying (Credit Repair) than for each additional person there will be an additional $500.00 fee for each person.  

Time-lines (Est.) 

                                 Locate property - 1 – 12 weeks                

                                 Close property - 2 - 5 weeks after signed contract

                                 Repairs - 1 – 4 weeks after closing

                                 Move in - After repairs are completed

                                 Credit repair - 6 months – 2 years

                                 Total Program - 2 years (Maximum) pending credit & financing


Note:   Everyone must qualify to be in the H.O.P.E. In order to qualify, you must be employed; your credit will be evaluated by one of our professionals to determine if the repairs (if any) will meet our time-lines and criteria. If for some reason you do not qualify, a full refund minus $100.00 (applicationfee/credit consultation) will be returned to you.

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